The point that Mediterranean and Agean embrace each other. there is a paradise where has a unique bay: Marmaris it is surrounded by marvellous pine and storax forests. Heredotus says;
that "Marmaris has got most beautiful sky of the world"
  A tourism center where located in the southern point of Turkey. the city that hosts countless visitors each year: will be one
of the most fovourite destinatior. in tourism center 2002's with its alternative holiday attractions.


  History of Marmaris dating back 3,400's B.C first settlement started with a trip whose has a leader's name was Karcomes to the region all the time the city was the most important point as a bridge to pass to Rhodos and islands so Marmaris becomes a place where many civilazitons ruled in the past .

   It is possible to see ruins from the civilazitions of Caria, Rhodos and island, Egypt, Assur, Ion, Persia, Makedon, Syria, Roma, Bysantine, Seljuk and Ottoman in the region.

The first name of the city is Physkos(it is a lycian word) today the remnants can be seen on area of Asartepe.